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Courage. Courtesy. These are as much the mark of a gentleman today as when Teddy Roosevelt first named them as such, and they are embodied in the Southern man who is defined as much by his resilient outdoorsmanship as by his dedication to upholding the authentic Southern tradition.

It's not just about enjoying a sweet tea during summer or sipping mint juleps after an afternoon of golf. Low Country Clothier captures the spirit of the modern gentleman, from the gritty fisherman off the Charleston coast to the casually elegant patron on the Augusta National. We believe those two men are one and the same, and we created our clothing line to celebrate him. The low country man combines gentle manners with rugged determination. He says grace, and knows football is a religion. His jeans smell like sweat and hard work. This is a man born from the Southern ground he was raised on. He is undomesticated, and that is good; wild enough to keep exploring, but refined enough to still come back for some Southern home-cooking.

It is out of this man that Low Country Clothier is born. So, whether you're holding a fishing knife or a golf club, go ahead and catch your inner coastal. We've got everything else covered.